Apr 17 2012

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My Top 10 everyday iPad apps

My Top 10 everyday iPad apps

I use my iPad every day. Most days, I use it throughout the day for various reasons. Some iPad apps, I use every day. These help me keep on top of my Bible Devotional time, Exercise, Social Networks and on task.

(This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase from this page, I do benefit–at no extra cost to you. My intention is to bring to your attention a product I support and recommend.)

  1. DAB (Daily Audio Bible) (Cost: 99¢)The Daily Audio Bible has been a great help in my daily devotional time. The DAB is an audio reading of the entire Bible in a year. Each day, a selection of passages is taken from the Old Testament and New Testament.  I often listen while I eat my breakfast in the morning. BabyCakes listens too–she reminds me it’s time for Daily Audio Bible. While it is possible to go to their website and get the DAB via podcast, the app allows me to download the podcast within the app (for off-line listening). The app includes access to all of the DAB versions (including a DAB for Kids–the New Testament in a year) as well as the other ministries of the DAB. There is a Bible for reading along within the app too.
  2. The Bible App (YouVersion) (Cost: Free)
    The Bible is great for reading along with the DAB. It has loads of translations–not just English. There are daily reading programs too. I have found the Bible-in-a-Year program is very close to the DAB, so I use that to connect those. One reason I use the Bible app for reading along is that I can change the translations as it (DAB) changes each week. Also, I can add bookmarks and notes and share on Facebook and Twitter. They have just recently added parallel reading, so I can check out a second translation at the same time; sometimes those variations in translation are a plus. Since there are many translations of the Bible that download, I have access to the Bible on my iPad whether I am connected to wi-fi or not.
  3. Alarmed (Cost: Free)This is a great app–and it’s free! There is so much good to say about it. I am TERRIBLE with time. This allows me to set repeating reminders. One that has been helpful is a reminder that it’s time for bed. It has timers (count down and up). I have been using the time for reading with Bear (he needs to read to me 15 minutes each day), when Babycakes has a time out (2 minutes), when I have loads of things cooking and baking and rising and…. I did pay the in-app extras. The extras include more options, but it is amazingly wonderful without it. The developer made it fully functional in all the ways (and more) the way I described. I am very happy with it. And I really do use it every day.
  4. Words with Friends (Cost: Free)
    This is totally for play. I’ve not been using it every day since I got it, but I’ve been enjoying it a lot. I like having a few games going on at the same time. It is a fun break. I’m glad I can pick it up where I left off. It has expanded my vocabulary and exposed my shameless inability to spell. I do test the waters and find there are words I try that are not actual words and words I try that I didn’t know were words. Then I head over to Terminology to find out what those words mean or, more likely, how to spell the word I was originally trying to spell.
  5. Phraseology/Terminology 3 ($1.99/$.99)
    I don’t use Phraseology or Terminology every day. Phraseology is a writing app. Since I do a lot of writing, this is my main writing app. One perk this app has is an ability to analyze my writing. I don’t realize how often I use the same old words. It helps me be more active than passive in my word choices. I easily rearrange my sentences too. Lots to love. With terminology, I use it to research words. It is a portal to many dictionary sources. It connects nicely with Terminology too. Currently, it is helping me with my mad Words-with-Friends skills. If you are a blogger, look here for some app recommendations.
  6. Todo (Cost: $4.99)I first heard about it from MoneySavingMom. I do like a lot about this todo app. I don’t have the Mac version, but I don’t use my Mac for my todo’s. It’s not as streamlined and fast as I’d like, but is helping me keep on task.
  7. Lose it! (Cost: Free)
    I have mentioned this app before in other posts. I use this as my food journal. I like the ability to enter my own recipes to calculate how many calories are one serving. It keeps track of how I am doing during the day as a enter foods.
  8. Mail (Comes with iPad)I do use the mail app on my iPad. It is helpful especially when I am away from my computer.
  9. 1Password (Cost: $9.99)
    This is a handy app for keeping track of passwords. I have it synced with with Mac, so I can hunt down passwords wherever I am. Another feature I use is generate passwords. I can get in a rut with creating passwords. With 1Password, the problem is solved. And since it is saved, I don’t think too much about one I can memorize. All I need to know is one password.
  10. Facebook (Cost: Free) It gets me to all the parts of Facebook I need. I can update my personal page, my Realing in Life page, and Love to Play Guitar page all in one app.

These are 10 apps I use every day. There are other great apps I use regularly or wish I had more time to enjoy more frequently. Without these apps, I might be a bit lost until I figured out another system sans my iPad apps. If you don’t have an iPad, most of these apps have online versions or computer (Mac/PC) apps.

What are your Top every day apps for your iDevice?

What apps are “essential” to you? Share your favorite apps in the comments below.

Update: As I looked over this list November 2016, I am still using these apps. Some of them, not as much. I’m surprised at how these apps are still in my top list. These developers have updated and made their apps usable for me four years later.

Note: The prices listed are only current as of the posting of this blog. Apps change prices from time-to-time, so be sure to check the current prices.

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  1. Bill

    As an Engish teacher I have found the Terminology app to be a big help when researching the meanings of vocabulary words. It has been especially useful in class when a student asks the origins of words and their synonyms. 

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