Sep 18 2013

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My burrito recipe

Earlier this week, I wrote a short tutorial on how I wrap burritos. I didn't include a recipe for the insides. I use my pressure cooker to cook the dry beans and the rice. If you have another way of cooking your beans and rice, then go with with what you know. (I will be posting about cooking beans and rice with a pressure cooker another time.) This recipe is a double recipe from what I used to do, so feel free to half the recipe or adjust it to suite your needs.



2 lbs dried beans, prepared

2 cups dried rice, prepared

1 cup sour cream

1 cup salsa

2 cups shredded cheese

2 Tbl taco/Mexican seasonings

Salt (to taste)

Flour tortillas, burrito size


  1. Drain beans and reserve broth.
  2. Use a stand mixer to mash some of the beans (or use a potato masher). I like some of the beans to be whole and some to be mashed.
  3. Put mashed beans back into the cooking pot and put on medium to low heat.
  4. Add seasonings.
  5. Add sour cream, salsa, cheese, and rice to beans.
  6. Add extra bean broth if the mixture is too dry.
  7. Once burrito mixture is heated throughout and the cheese is melted, take it off the heat.
  8. Place 2/3 cup of mixture in the middle of a prepared flour tortilla.
  9. Wrap tortilla around burrito mixture.

This recipe will make a lot of burritos. And the seasoning is not too spicy. Most of my kids add some extra hot sauce, but I like it just as it is. I usually buy two packages of tortillas and have some mixture left over. When I make the burrito filling, we eat burritos one night, I freeze some, and I use the leftover burrito mixture and leftover bean broth to make burrito soup for an easy lunch option for another day. Do you want to know how to make burrito soup? (The short version is mix leftover bean broth with leftover burrito filling. Add extra cheese, sour cream, salsa, and seasonings to taste. Heat and serve with tortilla chips.)

Do you have a favorite burrito recipe you'd like to share?

Please do so in the comments.


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