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My Blogging Journey


My Blogging Journey

I started Realing in Life in 2012. I wanted an outlet for my writing and didn’t have a clear direction for what I wanted to do with a blog other than to share my real life. My main hope was to inspire and encourage people. Who were those people? And what was my real message? It wasn’t clear to me. I knew I had ideas and experience and passion. But I lacked direction.

I am not famous. Nor do I make loads of money writing. But I am learning and growing both as a writer and a blogger. If you are new to the world of writing and blogging, this is the place I am writing to you and for you.

Join me in the journey, and let’s learn and grow together.

Here, I will share stories of success and failure. I will give you tips, ideas, and resources I have found helpful. The blogging world continues to change, so I am always learning. There are plenty of knowledgeable bloggers out there. I hope to give you the golden nuggets I have gleaned from my search and experience.

Elite Blog Academy

I am a member of Elite Blog Academy. I started the program winter of 2016. Because of the course, I am starting to hone my skill as a blogger. Very early on in the course, I had the task of answering some of those very first questions about blogging: audience and purpose. For a long time, I was resistance to nail down those two things. Why? Maybe I’m a rebel. But since I’ve given myself a clearer focus, I’ve had an easier time at taking my blog in a new and better direction.

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My biggest struggle

As a blogger, I have struggled with putting in the time I need to make my blog a success. throughout 2016, for various reasons, I was sidetracked and didn’t get serious. In the fall, and because our finances really needed it, I committed myself to work hard and complete the course.

I am already starting to see my traffic grow. I am more confidant because I have a clearer direction because of the direction EBA is providing.

Enrollment is open right now for a limited time (Now until March 3rd, 11:59pm PST)

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