May 12 2017

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Mom, Mom, Mom

MomMom, Mom, Mom

The Five Minute Friday word for today is mom. I was first given the official name over eighteen years ago. With four kids, I’ve heard my name thousands of times. I haven’t always appreciated the name because it pushes against my human nature to be selfish. Even so, God has poured his grace over me and grown me up as my children have and continue to grow up.

Spiritual mothering is another way to be a mom. Not every woman has biological or adopted children, but every woman can have spiritual children. I’m grateful for the spiritual moms God has given me. They sacrificed to help me bloom too.


“Mom, Mom, Mom.” I hear my name.

Yes, it’s my name. Sometimes I don’t want to hear it. Early in the morning, when I haven’t gotten enough sleep. Definitely not in the middle of the night. Or when I’m in the middle of something, I hear the call.

It’s not entirely true that I don’t want to hear the name. It’s that life makes the name inconvenient. Mom is a name equated with sacrifice. From the very beginning of a little life, Mom is sacrificing. At first, it’s her body. But the heart and soul aren’t far behind. Mom gives her all to give her children life.

While I don’t always enjoy hearing my name, I love my name. The sacrifice is small compared to the love I feel for the children God has given. As my children grow, the new gifts their lives blossom. Maybe that’s why flowers are given on Mother’s Day. It’s a reminder of the beauty of the gift of blooming life. Life started with sacrifice and blossoms with a mother’s love.

So children, go ahead and call.

I love you.


This is one my favorite Mom videos:

Job interview – World’s Toughest Job

Mom Goggles is fun:

How will you celebrate your mom?

A card? A call? A gift?

As I think of those who can’t call or give a gift, I’m reminded of the gift of remembrance. Honoring Mom’s legacy with sharing stories of her life is a way to celebrate her on Mother’s Day.

It’s not too late to get a gift for Mom

Here are a few ideas

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  • Flowers. We sent a bouquet to my mom from Amazon, and she loved them.
  • Photo card. You can print a 4×6 and add it to card stock or have it made and sent with Shutterfly.

Lovely Details Mother’s Day Card, Bracket …

Because she deserves it. Send Mom a personalized Mother’s Day card filled with a … [More]

Price: $2.78
Sale: $2.78
  • Words. This gift won’t cost money but are just as valuable. Tell your mom what she means to you. Call or write a letter.
  • Time. Gift your mom with some time to do something she enjoys. As a mom, my days are often filled to the bring. The gift of time to work on a project or . . . relax and do nothing at all is and awesome gift.


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  1. Martha Brady

    hi cheryl, i’m martha from grittygrace.com. today i’m at slot 53. i enjoyed your post:) i remember the days of hearing my name called all the time. now my kids live pretty far away…mostly. i don’t hear my name called as often. i’m definitely in a different life stage for sure! all my girls are now in their 40’s as of this year. do i feel old? for sure!

    1. Cheryl

      I drove to church on Sunday by myself and thought about how quickly the days will be when my kids are all grown. I knew I’d be seeing them a little later in the day, but it woke me up. I still have a lot of years before then, but it was a good reminder of how quickly it’ll be gone. I know I’ll miss hearing mom, mom, mom.

      Thanks for stopping by.
      Cheryl recently posted…Life Hurts: How gratitude transformed meMy Profile

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