Dec 28 2016

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Making a Gingerbread House Village

Making a Gingerbread House VillageMaking a Gingerbread House Village

I didn’t set out to make a gingerbread house village for Christmas this year. Normally, I make one gingerbread house for us to share like this.

Gingerbread house

Or like this.

Gingerbread house

How do I fit it in before Christmas? I don’t know. But Christmas was already upon me, and I knew gingerbread would need to wait until after Christmas. As I thought of the time shift, I became excited about making the gingerbread after.

3 Reasons for After-Christmas Gingerbread:

  • The pressure to make gingerbread during an already packed schedule gets shifted to an after-the-holiday, less-scheduled day.
  • The festivities get extended. We don’t have many after-Christmas traditions. Making a gingerbread house works well before or after. With the kids on school break, gingerbread-house-making fits well as a fun family (or family and friends) activity.
  • Some cookie eating gets post-poned to after Christmas. Many people make cookies leading up to Christmas. With parties peppered throughout the weeks leading up to Christmas, gingerbread gets missed in the mix of sugar overload. If it’s made after Christmas, the gingerbread gets its own special place.

The Story of the Gingerbread Village

On evening before Christmas, I headed out with Mr. Real to Walmart to do some last-minute shopping. Amongst other things, I wanted matching tablecloths for our Christmas dinner. (Sadly, we missed out on cloth tablecloths that would fit with out decor.) While we were walking around, I spotted a gingerbread house cookie cutter and knew this would fit perfectly with my after-Christmas gingerbread plans for us and our four guests.

This is the one I bought. I checked the Walmart website and didn’t see it. I found it on Amazon, but I know I didn’t pay that much for it. But you can check it out here (affiliate link) for details. This cookie cutter makes for a great gift to go with a roll of gingerbread dough.

Gingerbread house cookie cutter

I made most of my dough to give as gifts, but I kept a couple rolls of gingerbread for us to use. With the size of the cookie cutter, I was able to make 8 little houses per roll.

forced my college boy to make some icing, and we were in business. (I forgot to get some little candies to decorate—poor planning on my part—so we used dried fruit and chocolate chips instead. Make-do is how we roll here.) I gave everyone the choice to put their house together themselves or simply decorate. BunBun and Bear chose to put their houses together. They get bragging rights, of course.

Gingerbread houses

The houses are little, but that makes them perfect for one person. And when they are all laid out on the table, it becomes a gingerbread village—decorative and yummy. I’m liking this as a new Christmastime tradition. I’m planning saving the 2016 house for New Year’s Eve. We can eat that house as we welcome in 2017.

Gingerbread house village

Do you have any after-Christmas traditions?

Were any of them normally before Christmas and got switched? Do you have fun activities planned for your kids during the days after Christmas but before school gets back in session?

Share in the comments below.

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