Aug 22 2015

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Make Over Not Do Over

Make Over Not Do Over

Sometimes we all need a “do over” because what we didn’t work out the way we wanted. We made mistakes. Or something unexpected happened. That is life. But when every morning is filled with thoughts of I need a do over, it might be better to plan on a make over. I’m not talking about a glamour and fashion make over, this is a make over on how you do your mornings.

Why make over your mornings?

I’m not a morning person (yet), I’m the first one to cringe at the thought of making it better. But when my morning runs better, even I—a committed night-time owl—have to admit my day is smoother. If the morning has a better system in place (a system that isn’t cookie cutter but one that works for me), it is more likely to be one that will work over a period of time. (And not just when I am having a knocking-it-out-of-the-park kind of day.)

I took the 14-day online course

Crystal Paine has a 14-day online course to help take your morning from “do over” to “make over.” I took the course and found it filled with helpful ideas on changing and tweaking my approach to mornings. The time commitment for that course was around 15 minutes a day. The daily exercises were practical and applicable for anyone.

If you are interested in a morning make over, you have a chance to check out the first video of her 14-day online course for FREE. Click this link (or the banner) and head on over there. I always like to check something out before buying. This is your chance.

Make over your mornings

Before you decide to buy, wait because the Make Over Your Mornings will be offering the course at a huge discounted price. If you access your first day for free today, you’ll be the first to know when you can get this offer.

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