May 24 2017

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Make an Advertisement Kid’s Activity (an end of school or summer break idea)

advertisement activity

Make an Advertisement

No matter how you feel about it, advertising is inescapable in our society. Transform an everyday sight for your child into a persuasive writing exercise. Have fun learning while making an advertisement. Have her start with the “product” she knows best: her family!

What You Need:

  • Poster board
  • Draft paper
  • Pen, pencil and colored markers
  • Glue stick or liquid glue
  • Scissors
  • Magazines and newspapers with advertisements
  • Optional: family photos, magazine pictures

What You Do:

  1. Give your child a stack of magazines and newspapers and inspect the advertisements in them with her. Tell her to pay special attention to the adjectives, descriptive language, and persuasive techniques used in advertisements. How do ads interest people in buying a product?
  2. Now it’s time for her to get her Sterling Cooper on! Have her pick her favorite ad she found and have her use it as inspiration for her own advertisement—instead of a product, she’ll be trying to convince people to give her family a try. She can use draft paper to write down some adjectives that describe her family, along with some facts and information to back up her claims.
  3. She may also wish to add some typical advertising words and persuasive slogans, repurposing them to describe his family. Help her think of puns or common phrases. For example: “Delightful fun for everyone!” “The family that’s fun AND good for you!” “Everyone needs a little Mendoza family in their life.”
  4. When she has edited the writing to her satisfaction, he can rewrite the statements with marker on the poster, using colorful decorative lettering.
  5. Don’t let her forget that graphic design is just as important as copy in advertising! Her family’s name should have a prominent place on the poster. Help her pick some family photos or magazine pictures that depict family hobbies and have her glue it to the poster. She can also use markers to draw a picture of the or of a favorite family activity.
  6. Let her proudly share her creation, full of fun, love, and persuasive writing chops!

Five More Ways You can Use this Activity

  1. History advertisement. Pick a character from history and make an ad telling what’s great about him or her. Babycakes is reading about Joan of Arc. She was a rock star in following her calling. (History project)
  2. Book Character advertisement. Pick a favorite character from a book and make an ad about him or her. Babycakes is reading about Hudson Taylor. She could use his image to help promote living a life of faith. (Book summary)
  3. Poster or card advertisement. Make an ad for a loved-one. Father’s Day is coming up next month. Hint, hint. Or, it would make a great front cover for a birthday card. Scan a bunch of ads and have them printed. (Gift)
  4. Charity advertisement. Make an ad for a local charity—then share it with people you know. Read about Light House for Life and help them get the word out about sex trafficking (so many people just don’t know). (Support a cause)
  5. Bible verse or character advertisement. Make an ad for a Bible verse or character quality. Love is both found throughout the Bible and a much-needed character quality in our world today. What does love look like? How can people “buy in” to loving others. (Dig into scripture and grow in character)

For school or school break

Whether you use this within your schooling or as a fun way to spend time during a break, this is an activity you can visit and revisit.


Note: The original activity plan was provided by Education.com.

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