Aug 26 2016

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Loyal Wise, Loyal Fool

The Five Minute Friday word is loyal.

Loyal Wise, Loyal Fool


Loyal wise considers and prays,

Loyal fool plods ahead and values loyalty regardless of the red flags.

Loyal wise knows who she is and isn't trying to impress,

Loyal fool is insecure and wants everyone to like her.

Loyal wise knows that loyalty to God is first,

Loyal fool is stuck wondering what to do with one-sided loyalty.

Loyal wise knows when to let go and move one,

Loyal fool is blinded by her loyalty.


I have been wise and a fool. Pray and ask for wisdom. Become wise and know the richness of wise loyalty.


Where do you see yourself today? Loyal wise or loyal fool

I used to lean toward loyal fool. I found it hard (and even wrong) to break away from relationships and my sense of obligation even when the person or situation warranted it.

Certainly, ending an obligation should be done tactfully (that takes wisdom). But loyalty when it is foolish doesn't help anyone.

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  1. Kath

    I loved your succinct post, Cheryl. It was the first one I read this week and it really grabbed my attention.

    I love reading your posts as they come into my email each week.

    ‘I have been wise and a fool.’ Yep, me too!!

    ‘Pray and ask for wisdom. Become wise and know the richness of wise loyalty.’ loved this bit too.

    thanks for sharing
    visiting from #23 at FMF
    Kath recently posted…How Loyal Are You?My Profile

    1. Cheryl

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for the encouragement.
      I go for succinct because I can’t write that much is 5 minutes. I’d do much better with 10 or more.
      Praying you have an awesome week.

  2. KellyRBaker

    Neat comparison on the wise versus the fool. I pray I am the loyal wise.

    1. Cheryl

      Yes. I want to be wise too.

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