Jul 01 2015

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Learning Guitar

Learning Guitar

Learning Guitar

I started playing guitar when I was in college. A friend helped me pick out a guitar and showed me how to play a few chords. From there, the work was to build more chords into my repertoire. I didn’t have someone to guide me through to develop more than that. Since I was already a musician, I felt capable to pick up a new instrument. In the end, I did an okay job of learning guitar. I wasn’t great, but I could lead some simple worship songs (my goal).

Over the years, I practiced guitar on and off. Having the extra responsibilities of children squeezed out my playing and shifted my goal to raising children. Or so I told myself. There were long periods of time I didn’t pick up my guitar, but part of me longed to pick it up again.

Within the last couple of years, I went back to playing guitar regularly. The difference here was focus and motivation. Instead of learning a few chords, I wanted to learn the individual notes on each string and play music much in the same way I had learned to play notes on flute and oboe. One of the driving motivations behind that was teaching.

My daughter, BunBun, wanted to learn how to play guitar. We got a book from the library and started working through the book. As she learned, I learned. It was fun, for me, connecting my more classical training with an instrument I only knew how to strum chords. Guitar is a beautiful and versatile instrument.

In teaching my daughter, I expanded my own learning, but something else happened inside of me. I wanted to teach others what I knew about guitar. I decided to teach guitar students at my homeschool co-op–Lexington Homeschool Co-op. I didn’t feel confident as a guitarist (at that point) to teach guitar, so a friend introduced me to Learn and Master Guitar.

Learn and Master Guitar

Learn and Master Guitar is a self-contained guitar learning system. It comes with a book and DVDs. The DVD teacher gives clear instruction on how to start guitar from the absolute beginning. While I already knew how to play guitar, some, the teacher filled in the gaps I missed all those years ago.

So when I started teaching guitar, I used the Learn and Master system as my co-teacher with my beginner guitar classes. This program not only assisted me in my teaching, but also gave me the confidence I needed to teach others. (As a super side benefit, it has challenged my guitar ability well beyond what I could play in the past.)

Learn and Master Special offer

I am not available to teach beginner guitar to everyone, but this Learn and Master Guitar program can. Even if you don’t know anything at all about music, this program starts right from the very beginning. If you are like me and are not a complete beginner, this program will take anyone to a new level of proficiency. Right now, the Learn and Master company has a special for all of their learn and master programs (not just guitar). If you want to learn a new skill, this is a great place to start.

Special Offer: $100 OFF all courses at LearnAndMaster.com – no coupon code needed. Sale ends July 2nd.

Learn and Master Homeschool Edition

I just recently purchased the homeschool edition for Learn and Master Guitar. I plan on using it this year to further teach BunBun (and Bear is learning too). The homeschool edition gives a suggested outline for how to pace the lessons. Also, there is another set of DVDs to guide the teacher with using the DVDs. So, even if you have no musical background, you can help you’re budding guitarist learn to play guitar.

Learn guitar


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