Jun 10 2016

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Know What You Won’t

The word for today is want.

Know What You Won't


I sat in church and heard the preacher. “Do you know what you won't?” Well, that's how this northern ear heard the word. It took my a minute to realize he was saying “want.” I chuckled and went back to listening.

That was a while ago, and I can translate “want” and “won't” much clearer now. But it got me thinking about the words want and won't and how these two words are connected. If I know what I want, I need to know what I won't too.

To know what I want means I have a clear vision of what direction I want to head. The important things in life. Health and wholeness, these are two values in my life. If I truly want these in my life, I need to say no to many things too. The won't list is important. If I want a healthy marriage, I won't have intimate conversations with the opposite sex. If I want a healthy body, I won't eat endless amounts of junk. I need to have a clear want in my mind, and then I need to think about my won't list.

This reminds me of Daniel (in the Bible) and his won't list. He didn't wait until he got into a tempting situation until he decided what to do. He planned it and kept to his won't.

Do you know what you want and what you won't?

Saying no is one way to move toward your yes. A good “I won't” is a positive step toward your best “I will.”

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  1. Julia

    Oh, this is good. I often say I don’t know what I want, but I realized this week I won’t let myself admit I’d like to be in relationship. I try to stuff that down because of past relationships and what I’ve seen. And then I become all cynical and afraid that is wrong to want that and how to not pursue that on my own. Even a friendship. It scares me so much. Even if I do admit it, I don’t trust it. Sigh. Very mixed up lately. Thank you for sharing this.

    1. Julia

      Visiting from fmf btw 🙂

    2. Cheryl

      Fear has never been my best advisor. But, I listen to my fears more than I’d like to admit.

      Relationships are a messy–even good relationships. Any time people are people, a mess will come. But, oh the beautiful mess it can be. It is in the mess that the Gospel is real and has footing to transform us.

      Mixed up is nothing more than a place to start.

      I’m glad you visited.

  2. Sarah Jo Burch

    Oh, I love this!

    1. Cheryl

      Thank you for visiting.

  3. Susan

    Ah, wisdom. Healthy, wholesome wants always have won’ts. Great job.

    1. Cheryl

      Healthy, wholesome wants always have won’ts, but its difficult to keep to the won’t when the pressures within and the pressures from around us are against out desire for health and wholeness.
      Thanks for your encouragement.

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