Jan 19 2013

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Kid Quotes: That’s Redicorus

Kids say shocking, funny, sweet, wonderful, insightful, deep things. I am often caught off guard when the phrase is uttered, but I am thankful for the ways I am inspired or, quite often, amused by their words. I have decided to share a quote each week. If you have a good quote to share, please do so in the comments.

That's redicorous. (Her attempt at saying ridiculous)

–Baby Cakes, 3

Yet another reminder that I have a little tape recorder running around in a 3-year-old body. She tried it about three times and decided that “redicorus” was the way to say it. I am sure she doesn't entirely understand what rediculous means, but it is uber cute coming out of that little cutie.

What about you?

Have any great examples of uber cute attempts at bigger-than-their-britches words?


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