Mar 29 2014

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Kid Quotes: I said that for you

Kids say shocking, funny, sweet, wonderful, insightful, deep things. I am often caught off guard when the phrase is uttered, but I am thankful for the ways I am inspired or, quite often, amused by their words. I have decided to share a quote each week. If you have a good quote to share, please do so in the comments.

I said that for you

I made ham and bean soup for dinner. Babycakes got her obligatory “No thank you” portion. She was ready for us to start dinner and prayed. After she ate some of the soup, she gave me the two thumbs down. Bear quickly broke in after her disapproval.

Babycakes: I don’t like the soup.

Bear: But you prayed (thanking God) “for this wonderful soup.”

Babycakes: I said that for you guys.

Oh, the honesty

We laughed because we all knew she didn’t like the soup, and her words of praise were not because she anticipated liking it. (Beans are on her don’t-like-it-before-she-tries-it list.)

I wonder how much of my prayers are from my heart rather than for those that are listening. It can be both, but I wonder how much of prayers, outloud prayers, are a performance rather than talking from the heart to a loving Father God. Would I pray differently? Thanks, Babycakes, for the laugh and the reality check.

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