Jan 26 2013

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Kid Quotes: How do you make love?

Kids say shocking, funny, sweet, wonderful, insightful, deep things. I am often caught off guard when the phrase is uttered, but I am thankful for the ways I am inspired or, quite often, amused by their words. I have decided to share a quote each week. If you have a good quote to share, please do so in the comments.

An unexpected conversation

Baby Cakes was playing with her magnetic letters on the refrigerator. I was in the living room. She called over to me.

Baby Cakes (3): I know how to make love.

Me: You do? [Trying to contain the blush] How do you make love?

Baby Cakes: w, x, p. That’s love.

When she explained herself, it made perfect sense. While that’s not how to¬†spell love, I know she understands that letters put together¬†make words.

Do your kids say things that make you blush?

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