Jan 23 2017

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What would you do if Jesus showed up at your door today?

Jesus at your doorJesus at your door

Imagine. The God of the Universe is knocking at your doorstep. You open the door, and Jesus is standing there.

Is he smiling?

Are you?

Do you feel the euphoria of winning the jackpot or is it more like the dread of getting caught?

What are your first words?

“Wow, I can’t believe it’s you! Come in, come in!”

Or, are they more like this?

“Woe, I can’t believe it’s you! I’ve got a lot to do today. In fact, I am heading out the door right now. And, I don’t think I’ll be back until late. Um, where are you staying? Uh, can I get your number? Oh, man. I’m really late. Could you just call me on my cell? I am sure you. . .well. . .already know it. See you later.”

It depends on the day

I’d like to say I’d be ecstatic. If he showed up unannounced, I might be embarrassed because we’d both know I was losing my temper all over the house and spewed especially harsh words in my children’s direction.

If he came just after my PARK time, that’d be different. I’d be feeling pretty awesome, like he’d take me out to Starbucks for rockin’ my quiet time.

In truth, I overfill my days regularly and would feel caught off-guard if he showed up.

What would I do for a normal guest?

Even when I’m busy, I welcome and rearrange my schedule for a guest. That’s a value I appreciated when I lived in Central Asia—people mattered more than the schedule or to-do list. I’d let someone come stay with us, too, if they needed a place to crash. I could change for a guest, then go back to my normal life after they left.

Most guests stay for a limited time. What if Jesus wanted to stay long-term? Like the rest of my life. How long would I want Jesus to stay with me? If he lived with us, I’d have to change everything.

Change Everything

Everything? Am I willing to change everything?

The change part holds me back. I like change, but I like it when I’m in charge and believe the change will make my life better.

I forget that God is inviting me into a relationship. His invitation starts with an open-armed welcome not a stiff-armed change-this-first list. He wants a let’s-do-this-together relationship not one in which he delivers a to-do list and a deadline. Relationship with God is not a to-do list and a deadline, not on either side of the table.

A relationship with Jesus is not about a to-do list and a deadline

John 1:14 speaks of Jesus coming to earth. He “…made his home among us…”(NLT), “…dwelt among us…”(NASB), “…moved into the neighborhood…”(Message) Jesus knocked on the door of the world by becoming man in flesh.

Jesus stands and knocks not at our front door but at are heart.

Wherever you are in life, he is calling for a real, life-transforming relationship.

Are you feeling alone and lonely?

Are you feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders?

Do you feel discouraged and unable to feel hope?

I’ve felt alone and lonely. I’ve felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders. I’ve felt discouraged and hopeless. I’m not talking about last year or ten years ago. I’ve felt some of those feelings today and most of those feelings over the past week. Real life comes with those feelings. As I’ve learned (and am still learning) to walk with Jesus, and invite him into my mess, I’ve found everything my heart needed.

One of Jesus’ names is Immanuel—”God with us.” (Matthew 1:23) He is the only companion who can walk with us, providing exactly what we need, throughout our today.

And tomorrow.

And eternity.

“Welcome, come in,” is all we need say.

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