Jan 19 2018

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Intentional Bible Study (Join me in studying Philippians)

Intentional Bible StudyIntentional Bible Study


In a few weeks, I’m starting a Bible study on the book of Philippians. My goal this semester is to teach my group tools to help them dig deeper into scripture. Many people I’ve spoken with don’t feel confident in studying the Bible for themselves. With the tools I’m going to teach, I hope to take them (and anyone else subscribed) to growth in personal Bible time—without a devotional. Instead of leading with a devotional guide, I’m teaching how to be intentional.

The first rule of being intentional is knowing what you want to happen. What’s the goal? What does success look like?

In reading the Bible, knowing more isn’t the end game. Instead, it’s growth in one’s relationship with God.

The second rule of being intentional is laying out a plan. Knowing the steps to take from here to there is key.

After that, accountability is helpful. With a good, encouraging group of friends, intentionality is all but one little step forward at a time.


Join me

If you want to join me in studying the book of Philippians and live in Lexington, SC area, I’d love for you to join me. Contact me here.

If you’d rather connect virtually, sign up here. You’ll be added to my newsletter list and get a weekly update with tools you can use in studying the Bible.

We start January 28 and end March 28. That’s 9 weeks with a clear goal, a step-by-step plan, and accountability.

Five Minute Friday

I’m joining my Five Minute Friday friends with the word intentional. My five minutes are between the // marks.


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  1. BJ

    For me coming to read God’s Word means being open to His guidance & listening. It is coming with an open mind & open hands. In fact I guess it is coming without intentions, without preconceived thoughts.

    Is coming to God’s Word about having a goal? I wonder what others think…

    1. Cheryl

      A goal is simply an aim or direction. While we may come to the Bible for many reasons, we always have a goal. I’m glad God is able to take our motives for opening his word and redirect us toward his heart and ultimate purposes and plans.

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