Sep 30 2017

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A helpful resource for starting your adventure in online writing

start-up guide for online writers

A helpful resource for starting your adventure in online writing


I’ve called myself a writer since I joined a writer’s group and discovered that being a writer isn’t so much about being a New York Times Best Seller but deciding to write and to grow as a writer. That was a couple of decades ago, but that lesson still sticks with me even though I’m far from all my writer’s dreams. Back then, I wasn’t thinking about online writing.

I’ve been a blogger at realinginlife.com since 2012 and have continued to add to my writer’s toolbox through free and paid resources. Investing in my writing isn’t simply about learning what to do but practicing, but learning the basics, as well as the tricks of the trade, are key. If I’ve learned anything, it’s this: I have so much more to learn about the field of writing—especially online writing— because it changes constantly.

When I began Kate Motaung’s Start-Up Guide for Online Writers course, I wasn’t sure how much I could gain since I wasn’t a complete beginner. My hunger to learn and curiosity helped me start. The resources I found kept me going.

The On-line Writers course doesn’t claim to be a comprehensive writer’s course. Instead, it’s a guided collection of resources along with challenges for both beginner and the more advanced.

For those who are just beginning to transition toward the online writer’s world, this course is a good place to start. The suggested resources will help a newbie make logical first steps in getting started.

For those with more experience, this course has resource gems worth noting. The challenges are appropriate next steps for writers who have already accomplished the beginner first steps.

Who is this not for?

  • Writers who don’t want to publish or market online.
  • Writers who are already keenly aware of all the current technology and associated trends.
  • Writers who don’t have time to read and do the challenges.

A couple things to keep in mind about this online writing guide:

  • This course is not comprehensive.
  • Time invested in applying the concepts is key.

My favorite resource

One of my favorite resources was the list of ways to connect with other writers. As I connect with other writers, I am encouraged and learn from them. Rather than being competition, we help each other become the writers God designed us to be. We each have a message God has put on our heart to write. As iron sharpens iron, we grow within the context of community.

I’m not finished with the course. In fact, I read through it with the intention to go back over it at a slower pace at a later time. I look forward to gleaning, even more, the second time around.

If you’re interested in reading the book, you can buy it at Amazon (affiliate link) or go to the online course here (affiliate link).

Have you heard of Kate Motaung?

She’s the host of the Five Minute Friday community. You can find out more about her and Five Minute Friday here. I encourage you to join.

Note: I was given this course and the e-book for free in exchange for my honest review. These words reflect my true opinions. If you choose to purchase through my affiliate links, I do benefit. But, I only make recommendations I support.

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