Nov 24 2016

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Happy Thanksgiving 2016

Happy ThanksgivingHappy Thanksgiving 2016

As I think about this year, there is much to be thankful for–mostly because I have been purposing to look for it. But without trying hard, here are 5 “easy” thanks.

5 “Easy” Thanks

  1. My relationship with God because of Jesus. Life connected in a right relationship with God and a future hope of eternity with him makes my today brighter–even in the hard times. Read some devotionals here to see some of what God is teaching me.
  2. My family. Mr. Real and four awesome kids. Life’s sweeter because they are part of my life–and they put up with all my craziness. (My extended family is awesome too. We don’t live near each other, but I always look forward to seeing them.)
  3. My friends. I’m thankful for friends nearby–who are ready to hang out. I’m thankful for those who are a phone call or email away. Friends make life sweet because they choose to love through life’s ups and downs.
  4. Music. Music connects my heart and soul in ways nothing else does. Creating music, listening to good music, teaching music, they all bring me joy.
  5. Writing. I enjoy being able to write about life and how God is transforming me. But even when my writing is just for my eyes only, the process has helped me work through sadness and find gratitude and gain perspective. And when I get to share it with others, I feel truly blessed.

May you connect with God in a profound way today and throughout this holiday season. By reaching out to the Creator of the universe, you receive his perfect love, comfort like no other, hope, and purpose.

I hope you a very Happy Thanksgiving.

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