Jul 01 2014

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Good Words: Trust is the glue of life

Trust is the glue of life

Trust. Here are some definitions*:

the trait of believing in the honesty and reliability of others

certainty based on past experience

complete confidence in a person or plan

Reliance, belief, confidence, faith. These are all words associated with trust. How does one trust another person with a world of experience that screams not to trust? Everyone fails at some point. We disappoint. We, at times, do the unthinkable. How does one trust especially when the trust has been broken?

This quote doesn't answer that question. It does, however, speak to the importance of trust. Yes, a person should be trustworthy to be trusted. But the choice to trust is still in the hands of the one trusts–or doesn't trust. It is still a choice regardless of what others do. (I am not advocating ignoring another's pattern of unreliability or lies. That does have to be worked through. Choosing to trust in that context takes time and loads of work.)

Trust as glue

This glue welcomes a hug. This glue draws us to bare our soul to another. And as we release ourselves into the deeper vulnerabilities, the bond strengthens.

Trust in communication

Honest communication takes trust. If there is hiding because of fear, the communication will be broken. The other day, one of my kids was upset with a sibling over this matter. (They were both dissatisfied with the situation.) Child A asked Child B a question. “Do you want to play?” Child B gave the answer of “I don't know.” The answer wasn't honest because child B wanted to avoid an argument. It's not a healthy dance. Both children will need to build trust in order to have better communication and, in turn, a better relationship.

Note: I found the quote from brainyquote.com.

*I used the definitions from the iPad app Terminology.


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