May 07 2013

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Good Words: The paradox of motherhood by Erich Fromm


The paradox of motherhood

I remember the birth of each of my children. I looked forward to their births, but I knew I would lose the intense bond only found while they remained inside of me. I would lose the private conversations of little movements within my tummy. Nothing compares with those first flutterings of movement. Later, others could feel it from the outside, but only I could feel their rolling and stretching and kicking from the inside. They were safe, and I could provide everything they needed. But motherhood required me to start pushing them away.

The pushing away hasn't stopped. Again and again, I am force to chose to let them go. As they grow, I have to let them become independent of me. It is a painful process because, each time, they are further away from the safety I can provide. It's a frightening process for a mom. Only moms understand the heartache of letting go when everything inside screams “Stay safe in my arms.”

My children are at home. In a blink of time (so I'm told), I will be sending my firstborn out of the nest. My heart is both excited and grieved as I imagine that day.


Note: I found the quotes at brainyquote.com


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