Feb 19 2013

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Good Words: Strengthening and Encouraging Love

Strengthening Love

Being deeply loved strengthens your soul. It is a source from which life and energy for life springs. Sadly, many people do not know or experience deep love. But how do we know we are loved? And, just as important, how do we help those near to us know they are loved?

Loved by God

Not everyone is in strengthening love relationships with friends and family, but everyone is loved by God. His love is expressed in His Son. His love is expressed in the beauty of creation. His love is expressed in our very life and existence. God intends His love to be expressed through us, His image bearers. If you read God Quotes on Sunday, you read a prayer of Paul's that asked for knowing and experiencing God's love. May you know and experience His love today. You are deeply loved. And if you know it, deep down, it will give you strength.

Loved by others

Knowing you are loved works magic. Doesn't feeling unloved suck out the marrow? Even if the feeling is untrue, the power of the feeling is undeniable. Remember the power love wields as you choose to express your love. Your love will strengthen your beloved.


Encouraging Love

Loving another does conjure courage. Thinking of my children, I am willing to face whatever (even if I am afraid) because of my love for them. The love drives me forward–come what may.

In the traditional marriage vows “…in sickness and in health, for better or for worse,” it is the deep love that provides the courage to face sickness and difficult times of life. It is deep love for another that presses through the darkness.

When I focus on me, I can give in to fear. When I think of my dear ones in my life, I am a lion.


What do you think?

Do you think this is true? How so?

Note: I found the quotes at brainyquote.com


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