Sep 03 2013

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Good Words: Increase your success by Watson

Increase success

Increase your success

Hum. If success increases with increased failures, I’m going to be an awesome parent. Eventually. Some days, I feel like a total failure. How in the world did God entrust me to care for these four treasures knowing I would mess up so much? But he did. And, with the failures come successes as well. I’m not all failure every day. I am learning and growing. (Please, kids, tell me I’m getting better.)

If success increases with increased failure, I was a great language learner too. Oh, the humor I provided friends and strangers as I butchered the language. I’m thankful for the grace poured out as I faltered. But with every failure, I learned.

There is truth here. Success can’t happen with every try. There are many more stories of great discoveries and great achievements that were preceded by failure after failure. Lightbulbs and flight didn’t happen with the first attempt. Failure isn’t the end, it is halfway to a possible success.


What do you think?

How do you view your failures in light of success?

Note: I found the quote from Brainyquote.com

App I used for the quote:

(I took the picture at the Riverbanks Zoo, Columbia, SC)

TitleFx – East Coast Pixels, Inc.

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