Jan 29 2013

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Good Words: Courage to continue

Courage to Continue

Winston Churchill said it well. Often, I think that success is what counts (and is final), and that failure is fatal. Upon reflection, the truth of his words resonate with reality.

Courage to Continue in Success

Ah, success. Isn't that the time to party and put feet up? It's accomplished! It's done. Sure. There is reason to celebrate when success is achieved. There are times with done is done. But most things in life require a carrying on, a continuing, to remain successful. Success is not final.


Did you reach your goal of a healthy weight? Can you stop eating healthy and exercising and expect the effects of your hard work to remain? Certainly not. Sorry, but that healthy eating and exercise must continue if the health is to remain. Celebrate, yes, but continue. It takes courage to continue because the goal of staying healthy always remains. The good news is that maintaining is easier. And if you've succeeded, then you know you can keep going.


Did you have a great parenting day? A great work day? Celebrate your victory, but be courageous to continue. One day will not be enough to raise those children well. One great day of work won't create an excellent review. Rejoice in the good, but continue on.


Courage to Continue in Failure

Failure is not fatal. Read that again. Failure is not fatal. Think of the great writers, great leaders, great whatever's. They have shockingly numerous stories of failure. But each one had the courage to persevere until success what theirs. One foot in front of the other. Day after day. They continued. They conquered their inner demons–the ones that whispered “Failure. You're nothing but a failure.” Some had outward critics to add to their load. Their victory was found in their courage to continue–despite the failures.


So, you failed your goal. Your friend. Yourself.

You failed once. Twice. Too many times to count.

Today is the day to take courage. Remember, this is not the end. This is no your end. Today is the beginning of your courageous journey toward success.

You will face failure, but that is not where you will stop. You WILL keep going until success is yours. And then, after a celebratory dance, you will courageously continue on.



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