Aug 26 2014

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Good Words: A Kick in the Pants by Theodore Roosevelt

A Kick in the Pants

I read this quote to my kids not too long ago. It took them a little bit to understand what it meant. When they did get it, we all laughed. Even they know how often their own troubles start with their own choices.

I continue to press them (and myself) to see how I am a contributor for the situation I am in. If it is a good situation, were there things I did well and want to do again? If it is a not-so-good situation, what can I do to make changes for the future?

When you are ready to punish the culprit, it is always good to take a good, hard look at yourself. Own what’s yours. And the rest, take it as a big lesson on the road to wisdom.

Note: I found the quote from Theodore Roosevelt at brainyquote.com.


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