Apr 27 2015

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God Quotes: Wait


Wait. I am a master of waiting. It's called procrastination. On the otherhand, I am terrible at waiting. I'm impatient. The kind of wait found in Isaiah 40 is not about procrastination. It is not about putting off what needs to be done. This kind of wait is putting weight in the right places.

Weight in you

God has given you strength and ability. You have mind and a will. These are all wonderful resources He has given. He never intended man to use his intellect and physical strength to do a God-sized job. Life requires more of us than we can handle alone. We are not to put the weight of the world on ourselves. We need him. We can try and try to do it all alone and put all the weight for success in life on our own ability. How's that working for you? I have gotten to the end of myself enough times to know I don't have enough.


Weight in God

God has all the power and all the knowledge to handle it all. He does. There is nothing too great for Him to handle. He really can do it all. Put your full weight in Him. You can't handle it, but He can. When you put your weight—the weight of your burdens and problems, the weight of what is too much for you—in Him, you rest. This is waiting on the Lord.


When the full weight of life is in His hands, God gives us strength to do what we are supposed to do. The unbearable burden is lifted. The task before us is just fit for our hands. (Even though the odds are stacked against us, and it seems impossible.) Wait on the Lord. Rest in Him.


Pray to Him now

Father, you know all the details. You know the discouragement. I know this is too much for me. I put this in your hands. Help me to put this in your hands every time I try to take it back. Help me to do the part you intend for me to do rather than Your part. I need that strength only You can give. In Jesus' name, amen.

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