Oct 28 2013

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From Pumpkin to Jack-o’-lantern

From Pumpkin to Jack-o’-lantern

We finally got around to picking pumpkins and carving them into jack-o’-lanterns. We have done this as a family for years. I am always surprised at how important some traditions are to the kids. (Sometimes I don’t realize it’s a tradition until the kids start asking about it.)

So, here is how it went for us.

  1. We went on a hunt for pumpkins. Because we waited until the weekend before Halloween, many of the pumpkins had been picked over. There were pumpkins to be purchased–for a higher price. The ones that were more expensive were perfectly beautiful and therefore worth the extra. I was able to catch the one pumpkin at a local Walgreens on sale. One pumpkin. But, the hunt for pumpkin is part of the adventure.
  1. Next is cleaning the pumpkin. This not my favorite part. (This is when I escape to go find the camera. Someone has to take pictures, right?)
  1. Then we made our design. We haven’t always sketched out a stencil on paper. I found making a stencil worked well. (No picture. I was helping with the design.)

  2. Once the stencil was outlined (I used a utility knife), we removed the stencil and began carving.

Or scooping. For my teenager, we scooped out a layer of pumpkin rather than cutting all the way through. He used a vegetable peeler, and I used a small spoon.

  1. The final part is putting in the candle and admiring our work.
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