Jan 13 2016

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Free Homeschool Printable: Sight Words Practice

Free Homeschool Printable: Sight Words Practice

I have been using Easy Peasy Getting Ready 2 with my youngest, Babycakes. As she was progressing through the McGuffey’s Eclectic First Reader, I noticed she needed extra practice before moving forward. I decided to write the words she didn’t read correctly¬†and add it to her “Sight Words” practice sheet. We took our time on a lesson. Once she could read the story with less than 5 mistakes (or assists), we moved on.

How we used the sight words practice sheet

For practice time, I pointed at the word. If she read the word unaided, I echoed her, and then one of us colored in a star. If she didn’t know a word, I said the word, and she echoed me. We read the words together once in the morning and once in the afternoon every day but Friday. On Friday, we read only in the morning. If she read the words 5 times correctly, she colored in the box. (To save time during reading, I drew a smiley face in the box to reminder her to color it later.) Later in the week, we skipped any words she colored. The following week, I kept the words she didn’t color and added new words.

At one point, I had a week in which I didn’t have a lot of words for the page. (That’s a great problem.) I decided to use phonics sound blends. I hand wrote in words as they were needed.

Repetition is powerful

The sight words practice page helped strengthen her reading. Now that we have finished the Primer and are working through a focus on phonics, we are not using the Sight Words page as much. (We have a few word stragglers this week.) The repetition is working well for her.

Using the sight words printable

The printable is simple. The practice takes a few minutes each time. Filling in the stars and coloring the boxes have been an encouragement.

I hope this printable will be of use to you. Because of its simplicity, this could be used in other ways (vocabulary words, foreign language, historical dates and people).

Right now, I have it save as a PDF and an image file. You can use it these ways:

  • Print it as is and hand write the words.
  • Import the file into an app that allows annotation.
  • Import the file into a word processor app and add the file in the background. Type on top of it. (I added the file into Pages and put a table on top of it. If you use Pages, you can use this file. I am sure the same could be done with Word.)

Sight Word Printable

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