Dec 26 2012

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Fleece Lounge Pants for Christmas


Fleece Lounge Pants for Christmas

Christmas Eve, I finished making lounge (PJ) pants for our family. I don’t know when I started making PJ’s for Christmas, but it is assumed I will. Every year, in the midst of making them, I tell myself this is the last year I will do it. Last year, our Christmas pants didn’t get finished until later in the year and were made into shorts rather than pants. But this year, I made it ON TIME! Oh, the amazement of it.

We went shopping for fabric the Saturday after Thanksgiving. The kids picked out fleece. The boys picked out a domino pattern. The girls, a purple swirly-cloud pattern. I checked in with Mr. Real to find out if he would truly be okay with wearing domino pants. All was a go. I got it for a great price. I washed them. They were ready for me. They waited.

Earlier last week, I brought all my sewing supplies down and made our dining room into the official crafting room (I wish this was a permanent change). I knew there wasn’t any hope for me to finish if I couldn’t get at my machine at any moment. With everything at my fingertips, I could double task.


Friday, I cut out the first pattern. It was a start. I thought I could cut out the rest on Saturday and sew two a day and be done on Christmas Eve.


Saturday came with frustration. Most of my plans had to be scrapped. It was one of those days. I had other projects (and shopping) to do too. I was frazzled and stressed. At one point, I had to put myself into timeout. Not a beautiful day. I’m thankful my family puts up with me.


Sunday night, I finished all of the cutting. I sewed together one pair of pants. Mr. Real would be home Christmas Eve, so I would have some help. That was my hope.

Monday (Christmas Eve)

I started sewing in the morning. And it zoomed compared to the previous attempts. Here are some reasons why I am a fan of fleece:

  1. Fleece sticks together, so there is little need to do pinning.
  2. Fleece doesn’t fray. While some might not find it finished unless the seams are nicely serged (I’d love a donation there), I was very happy to not worry about that. One less step to think about.

I had all the pants done (except for my pants) before dinner. They were able to have their pants on Christmas Eve night. They were “jumping-off-the-walls excited” (Bun Bun).

I finished my pants after the kids were in bed. I tried them on. And here is my conclusion: Fleece lounge pants are like wearing a blanket. There were too hot for me to wear that night, but I loved wearing them Christmas day. I didn’t realize how cozy they were until I changed out of them.

And the kids? I told them they would have to change out of them the next day. If not, I think they might wear them the entire Christmas break. The fact they love their fleece pants is like a gift. The sad part is that they will be unbearably hot when the weather turns warm. We will enjoy them until then.

What about you?

Do you have a traditional craft/project you make for Christmas?


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