Sep 04 2015

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Five Minute Friday: Yes

The word for today is yes.



I remember when he got down on his knee and gave me the ring. I said, “Yes.”

Then we were standing before God, family, and friends. I said, “I do.”

Years have gone by, and I still need to choose, day after day.

Do I say “yes” to him with my words and my actions?

Do I affirm my vows?

Or, it’s so easy to do this, do I slip into a mindless haze of living and forget who I am, forget the vows, forget the yes.

I don’t want to forget. I want to say yes.

But I have to choose that yes.

With a busy schedule. With kids running around.

When I feel tired. When I have struggles inside me. When we don’t have a fairytale day as a couple.

It is on me and me alone what I choose.

Regardless of what he does, I need to be true to myself. (He has to choose his yes for himself.)

In saying yes, I need to say no.

No to selfishness and pride. No to lazy and unforgiveness.

The yes to what is important, what is truly valuable, is the best yes.


Do you know to what you are saying yes and no?

It’s easy to get caught into thinking there isn’t a choice, to believe we are victim of our circumstances without a way to choose. Everyday, we choose. Do you know to what you are saying yes? If you are saying yes to one thing, then there are no’s too.

Are these words encouraging to you? Share.

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  1. Annie

    The choice of yes… It’s certainly more difficult on some days than others, but I am always so thankful for when I choose to remember that yes! Thank you for these encouraging words! (Visiting from FMF)
    Annie recently posted…Saying YesMy Profile

    1. Cheryl

      Yes, some days are harder than others.

      Thank you for stopping by.

  2. Sarah

    I’m glad you commented on my blog, it gave me a chance to read your post and I definitely needed it today for my own marriage! To say yes we sometimes need to say no. I thought of that as well. And with our marriage, there are yes’s and no’s. So true. So very true. Thanks!

    1. Cheryl

      I write because I need to remind myself of what is important and true.
      I am glad you were encouraged.

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