Apr 10 2017

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Fighting Fickle

Fighting Fickle

 Palm Sunday marks the beginning of the Passion week from the Triumphal Entry, to the Cross, and then Resurrection Sunday. (Click here for an infographic of the events of the Passion Week.) I think of the crowd that laid down the branches and cloaks on one day and, just a few days later, yelled, “Crucify him.” In my mind, I judge them, How can you be so fickle? But I’m a fickle person too. I can be, at one moment, all about Jesus, laying down my will and affirming my allegiance. And in the next, I’m complaining because of a slow internet connection or a blocked goal. My eternal perspective is lost simply because of the here-and-now irritations. I want life to run my way. In that way, the people in the crowd and I are very much alike. We’re all alike that way. Wouldn’t you agree?

Was he in the crowd?

Instead of fickle, I want to be transformed. I want to be firm in my commitment, to hold true—even when life doesn’t go my way. The story that comes to mind is that of Lazarus. Lazarus was a friend of Jesus. Read about their friendship here. Some people in the crowd on Palm Sunday were there because of him and his story. Was Lazarus in the crowd? If he was, he celebrated Jesus’ Triumphal Entry in a different way than the crowd. He had history with Jesus. One that included his own death and resurrection. His testimony and life was transformed because it.

When I’m like the crowd

When I’m in the crowd-like moment, I’m thinking of what I want Jesus to do for me rather than what he has called me to do for him. I forget the transformation he has done in my life and my place in the Kingdom to serve and honor him. When I go back to my friendship with Christ (one that includes me laying down my life as a living sacrifice), I celebrate Jesus’ triumphal entry in a different way than the crowd. I have history with Jesus, and my testimony and life has been transformed because of it. My hope is that there might be some people in the crowd, drawn to Jesus, because of how he has changed me.

Fighting Fickle with Friendship

Diving deeper into relationship with Jesus is the best way to fight fickle feelings. Spend time with him will change our fickleness into a firm foundation. Easter week is a perfect time to connect with Jesus. Let’s prepare our hearts.

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