Feb 04 2018

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Are you falling for the ol’ Hook, Lie, and Sink-her trap?

hook lie and sink

Are you falling for the ol’ Hook, Lie, and Sink-her trap?

If you fall for someone’s hook, line, and sinker, you’ve been deceived. It may be because of naïveté or a convincing lie. The hook gets you interested, the line is the “story,” and the sinker is the result of being duped.

We’ve all been tricked at one time or another, but there is one who roams about who is seeking to devour you.

 “Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.” 1 Peter 5:8 (NLT)

He comes with a clever hook (usually something true) and mixes in a subtle lie. His goal is to sink his victim under a pile of guilt and shame—or whatever will leave her stuck at the bottom, thinking only of lies.

Intelligent, with-it kinds of people get tricked by this deceiver.

Here’s how the story has been played in my life:


The crowd in the lobby is overwhelming. Pockets of people form, each one having an excited conversation. They look inward, and I stand. Alone. No one looks my way. People walk past me. I feel invisible.

No one likes you. You’re an outsider. The hook is set, and it agrees with my secret fears.

You’ll never be on the inside. What’s wrong with you? If you were…something other, you’d be popular. The lie feels right, and I agree.

I shrink back and look for the nearest exit. I don’t want to be here. I don’t belong here. Where do I belong? Am I really so…unacceptable?

Hook, lie, and sunk. It’s just that quick.

But I’ve learned to fight the lie. And that has helped me stay un-sunk.


We can’t avoid the hooks that come

Hooks come at unexpected times. They’re part of our history mixed with a dash of common human stumbling blocks. The hook brings us in just like any effective marketing. Satan will use a real situation and twist it for his purposes.

The situation gets our attention, and then he slips in his lies.

We can speak to the lie

Lies don’t have to be big to be crippling. One little lie can put us into a quick depression—if we agree with it.

So, how do we do move from a lie to the truth?

  • Identify the lie—Don’t believe whatever you hear, read, or think. Nice people don’t always have good motives. Just because it’s in print doesn’t make it true. And thinking a thought, especially one heavy with emotion, needs to be checked. We are to hold our thoughts captive. Examine your thoughts and hold it up against the truth. If you’re not sure, seek wise, godly counsel.
  • Identify the truth—If a stealthy lie has slipped in, consider the truth that calls the lie to back down.
  • Speak the truth—It’s not enough to roll the thought around in your head, speak it, write it, walk in it.

My story revisited

I’ve been in the crowd and slunk away many times. But I don’t fall for the lies like I used to. I know people aren’t flocking toward me, but I have friends that know me and speak value into my life. Besides, my goal in life isn’t to be popular. Sometimes popularity comes with a steep price tag of caving on principles or being fake.

When I talk down my lies, I follow up with a change in my step. Instead of walking away, I walk toward people. I look for others standing alone and introduce myself. I smile. I join a huddle.

At other times, when the struggle is more intense, I give myself permission to hold off on believing the lie. I entertain the possibility that what feels true could be a lie. I give myself time to let those feelings fade as I stop feeding them. Hormones have fed lots of lies as well as unhealthy habits.

When I’m feeling like I’m going under, identifying a lie isn’t my first line of attack. It is self-care.

Have you fallen for hook, lie, and been sunk?

What do you do to keep lies from pulling you under? Where have you found victory? What’s worked in helping you identify lies?

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  1. Leigh

    Thanks for sharing a real life situation and how you dealt with it. Good to see you don’t agree with everything that comes into you head. Stopping by from FMF! Take care!

    1. Cheryl

      I’m glad to share my story in hopes that my journey will help another. The issues aren’t always the same, but we all face the realities of the same enemy.

      I’m thankful for how God has grown me, but I have an entire lifetime of growth ahead.

      Thanks for visiting.

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