Feb 27 2017

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Enthralled by Your Beauty

Enthralled by your beauty

“You’re beautiful,” I tell my daughter without hesitation. It’s a fact. I know what beauty is. Her beauty is undeniable. Her blue eyes glance back her feelings. She can’t believe my words. Instead of soaking in truth, she deflects my comment and turns away. She is her mother’s daughter. We both want to be beautiful and both struggle to believe we are beautiful.

In a world of supermodels who get photoshopped and air brushed, we women grasp at the word “beauty”—aways comparing and never measuring up. Our eyes glance at the mirror and study the flaws. In resignation, we shrink away never acknowledging God’s truth: He is enthralled by our beauty.

You’re not a passing thought in God’s mind

Enthrall is defined as “to capture the facinated attention of.” God has no ho-hum thoughts about you. He is enthralled. You have captured his attention with your beauty. Yes, your beauty. The beauty he designed from the very beginning, one reflecting his image. He intends for you to reflect his image—which doesn’t start with a good skin cleanser and moisturizer. Instead, this beauty begins from a heart wholly his and then radiates out.

Maybe you’re not able to believe God’s thoughts about you. You shove off the words of beauty, thinking they are misdirected. You see your flaws and can’t get past the wrinkles or scars—we have them in our soul and our bodies. The flaws are not what’s caught his gaze.

God sees the beauty you cannot

God sees the beginning and the end. He sees where you were and how far you’ve come. He knows where you’re headed. God sees it all. He really sees.

And when he looks at you, he says, “Wow. I love you. You are so beautiful to me. I am enthralled.”

beauty Ps 45:11

He is enthralled by your beauty

You don’t have to run around telling people you’re beautiful. Instead, look into the mirror and proclaim truth and pray:


You are my King. You are enthralled by my beauty. Grow me into the beauty I am.

In Jesus Name,


Did you have a hard time with that prayer?

Me too. I find this truth about my beauty hard to receive. Then I remember how plain this truth was to me when I looked at my daughter. With this in mind, I start adjusting my thoughts. According to God, my beauty is a fact. He knows what beauty is. For him, my beauty is undeniable.

Take a deep breath, and adjust your thoughts. According to God, your beauty is a fact. He knows what beauty is. For him, your beauty is undeniable.

Let’s live out our beauty as glorious reflections of His perfect beauty.

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