Aug 06 2014

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Easy Sew Sunglasses Case from Old Pants

Easy Sew Sunglasses Case from Old Pants

Babycakes blew holes in the knees of her pants. The waste still fit, so I decided to make those pants into shorts. (These shorts are working great under her dresses–her preferred outfit is something that twirls.) With the leftover fabric, I made a sunglasses case for my sunglasses. I just bought a new pair of sunglasses because the old pair were too scratched up to see through. I want these sunglasses to last a little longer (that is, unless I lose them–which happens to me more than I’d like).

This sewing job involves sewing two straight lines.

Step 1: Roughly measure with the sunglasses.

I put the sunglasses on the fabric and eyeballed it. My cutting mat made it easier to see. I used one side of the pant seam (the outer folded side), so I needed to sew less. After you have an idea of how wide you want the sunglasses case to be, turn it inside out and move to the next step

Step 2: Pin it and try it.

Try the fit both before you sew and after. If you sew and find it is not the right fit, you can rip the seam and do it again. I recommend trying it out before cutting off the excess fabric.

Step 3: Sew two straight lines.

Since I am using the cuff at the end of the pants and one side of the seam, I don’t need to do much extra to make it have a finished look. (Depending on the material of the pants, you may need to zigzag stitch to finish off two stitches you make. Fleece doesn’t need that.)

Step 3: Cut a straight line.

I like using my ruler and rotary cutter to make a straight line on the outside of the stitches.

Step 4: Clip the corners and turn it inside out

This sunglasses case isn’t fancy. It was a quick and easy project. It’s practical and works great. For me, it’s perfect.


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