Oct 21 2017

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Discover History in this Tasty Way

discovery history in this tasty way

Discover History in this Tasty Way

Babycakes and I have been studying early American history. One of the Easy Peasy assignments was to look at recipes from that time. We went here and found recipes and videos. As we watched and discovered slightly familiar and completely different recipes, we came upon syllabub.

What is syllabub? It’s a dessert drink popular during colonial times originated in England.

Babycakes was excited to give it a try and enjoyed knowing what syllabub was even though the rest of the family had no clue.

We followed this recipe for Fancy Syllabub using apple juice instead of wine and sherry.

Working together, we grated and juiced the lemons. Then we added the juice and sugar. When the sugar was dissolved, we added the heavy whipping cream. We hand whisked at the beginning but finished up with my electric mixer—happy we have both electricity and a mixer to do the work.

I wasn’t sure how long to mix, so I may have done it longer than necessary, but this history lesson was a discovery for us both.

the recipe says it takes hours for the syllabub to separate. We took pictures every hour.

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After dinner, we shared our dessert drink with everyone.

How was this popular colonial drink for us? Mostly good. It’s very sweet. What better way to learn history than to taste it.

The Five Minute Friday prompt, discover, inspired this writing.


One side note: I’m reading Poldark and learned that syllabub was the most mentioned dessert in the Poldark series.

Have you tried tasting history?

What have you done to make history more interesting?



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  1. Mary Hill

    I will have to share this with my daughter. It looks like such fun. Glad I met you on the FMF linkup this week.

    1. Cheryl

      It turned out to be more fun than I thought. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Janyre Tromp

    What an absolutely fun idea! I’ve done something similar with learning about other countries, but never thought to do it with American history. And your girl’s face at the beginning of the post is absolutely priceless 🙂

    Coming to you from FMF #76

    1. Cheryl

      She had so much fun with it—and loved sharing it with everyone.

  3. Jennifer

    Hmm – I have never even heard of a syllabub but does sound like a great way to discover history…which was never my favorite subject but never once did we make (and taste) treats in History class! What a great time for you and your daughter.

    1. Cheryl

      My husband is more of the history buff, but this idea made for an exciting history lesson. Adding food to the mix would make history more interesting, don’t you think?

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