Jan 14 2015

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On a Crochet Binge

On a Crochet Binge

Crochet is a binge hobby for me. My two middle children (12 and 10) started crocheting this fall, and I picked it up again. It was like their crochet bug caught me. Within a short period of time, I had finished a number of projects. There are many reasons to love crocheting, but one of them is the endless possibility of quick, easy, and practical projects.

I found two of the patterns online. The hat was a project in a crochet magazine. With all of the patterns, I changed it in some way. I used two strands of yarn for the slippers and the hat. With the coasters, I used two different yarn weights. Different yarns and hook sizes will change the outcome of any project. I am happy with each project.


I received some very cute snowman coasters for Christmas one year. As cute as they were, it bothered me that I didn’t have another coaster option. I wanted to pack them away after Christmas. Did I? No. Every time I used the coaster past the Christmas/winter season, I would tell myself I should buy a little coaster set. When the crochet bug hit this fall, and I started researching quick and easy projects, I came across a great coaster pattern. In no time, I had a set of six. I made three white and three red. While they are Christmas-y colors, red is a color I am using in my living room and white goes with everything. These are my new, year-round coasters. I can check coasters off of my todo list. Yeah!


I don’t often wear hats. Once, I made two scrapbook pages of our family in all sorts of hats. Guess how many pictures were in the collection of me. Zero. And that isn’t just because I am the primary photographer and prefer to be behind the camera. I don’t almost never wear hats.

As we had a few cold days here and there, I decided I wanted a hat just in case the planets aligned in which I wanted to run and, at the same time, truly needed a hat. Those particular planets have yet to align, but I have been very happy with the hat I made. My hat and the one pictured from the pattern don’t look the same, but I know it’s because of my different yarn and hook choice. Winter weather, when you come, I’m ready.


Colder weather makes me want slippers for my feet. Socks alone aren’t enough. Sadly, I didn’t have a good pair of slippers. In a flurry of purging old things, I grabbed my just-last-year new slippers and donated them to the thrift store. What was I thinking? I should have pitched the older pair—the one that needed to be thrown in the trash bin upon receiving the newer pair. The older pair was cleverly hiding. It wasn’t until later when I found my well-neglected older pair that my mistake dawned on me. The nagging regret caused by getting rid of something I wanted to keep gives my inner hoarder life. The hoarding voice scoffs at my misguided decluttering move.

I had been wearing the ratty slippers until I found this pattern for slippers. I am so glad the pattern writer had some demonstration videos on YouTube. Once I got the right slipper done, I zipped through the left. (My 12-year-old daughter made a pair for herself too.) I love the slippers, but I prefer to wear them with socks. I am toying with the idea of sewing in a sole as well as some no-slip tread (the slippers are truly slippery). I haven’t added anything yet, but my feet don’t feel quite right without them. I now have orders from other members of the family for slippers. I have 2 1/2 more pairs to make. And since the pattern is for a women’s shoe size, I need to do some adjusting to make them work. I hope I can get them done before the crochet bug fades.

Are you a craft binger?

What are your favorite crafts? Are there seasons that feed your binges more than others? (The Christmas season almost always necessitates me being in craft mode.)


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