Mar 20 2017

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Coming to God with both mind and heart

Coming to God with both mind and heart

Some days, I’m all mind. I’ve got plans to make and problems to solve. Emotions are in the way of getting things done.

Other days, I’m all heart. The commercials make my eyes swell. A hug fills my soul. Puppies and kittens and everything fluffy stirs me. My plans and problem solving get in the way of the beauty of life. Life was meant to be felt.

God wants my mind and heart connected, not just for my sake, but so I can worship him fully. How can I get both the mind and heart working together—and come to God too?John 4:23-24

Minding truth

Knowing truth and keeping our minds on truth takes effort. God calls us to take our thoughts captive, renew our thoughts, and to fix our thoughts on what is true, honorable, right, pure, lovely, and admirable. Our mind and what we think about matters.

Guarding Our heart

Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.
Our hearts are the real part of us that continue into eternity. Eternity is in our hearts. The heart represents the real you and the real me. Our hearts include our will and emotions. Our hearts and what we fill our hearts with matters.

Coming to God with both mind and heart

When we come to God, we choose to conform our thoughts to his thoughts. We are ask God to show us where we are off course and encourage us where we are in agreement with him. The primary source for truth in knowing ourselves and our God is the Bible.
But filling our heads with knowledge doesn’t complete the picture. We come to God with our hearts too. We approach him ready to submit to his will, to experience his healing, and to be made whole. With both mind and heart engaged, we begin to worship in spirit and in truth.

One step toward mind and heart connected worship

We cannot arrive at a destination without taking the first step. If we want to come to God with both mind and heart connected, we start small. Here are few possible first steps:

  • Attend a church service.
  • Join a small group.
  • Read for five minutes (i.e. Gospel of John). Ask: What does this teach me about God and about myself? How can I love others better in light of this passage?
  • Pray for five minutes speaking the truth about God and about yourself.

No matter which step you choose, decide to take one. Even a little step is movement.

May you find the time and space every day to worship the Creator, the Lover of your soul, the All-powerful Provider. Responding with worship in spirit and truth is transforming. God transforms us as we worship.

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