Dec 13 2013

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Christmas Encouragement Envelopes

Christmas Encouragement Envelopes

On the tenth day of the Thriving Family Advent Calendar, we were supposed to decorate shoeboxes for each family member. The purpose of the boxes was to make a sort of mail box to receive encouraging notes. I needed to modify the plan. (Time and materials were limited.) Instead of a decorated shoebox, I made envelopes.

While the kids were eating dinner, I asked the kids to pick out a piece of 12×12 Christmas scrapbooking paper. I took the paper and made an envelope.

Here's how I made my envelope:

1. I folded the four corners so that the corners overlapped.

2. Taking three of the sides, I overlapped the corners and punched a hole through all three corners.

3. I used a brad to hold the sides together.

(At the time, I didn't have a solution to close the envelope. I solved that on Thursday by adding a little velcro circle. I told the kids to keep the envelope open if they were adding a new note of encouragement.)

The Christmas Encouragement Envelopes are not replacing the Christmas letter. This is just another way we can encourage each other throughout this month.

In addition to the purpose of encouragement, the Christmas Encouragement Envelopes are a nice decorative addition to our Christmas decor.



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