Dec 26 2016

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Christmas 2016 Reflections

Christmas 2016 Reflections

Letting Go

This year, I didn’t do all I have done in the past. I didn’t make the gingerbread house (we will do that after Christmas). I didn’t give out cookie dough to as many people. I didn’t go to lots of parties or fill up every second with pressure and push. Mind you, I did fee pressure and push for the things I did include—having a brief meltdown a few days before Christmas—but I recovered and practiced letting go. Letting go was a good, good choice.

Popcorn and a movie

When Christmas came, I worked hard with meal prep and clean up, but it was much more enjoyable because Mr. Real joined in the work along with our children. I felt glad when we finished the dishes and sat down to watch It’s a Wonderful Life. (It’s not too late to watch it. It’s a must watch movie.) Mr. Read made popcorn with our Christmas gift of a popcorn maker. (This gift will be well-loved throughout the year for Friday—or anytime—movie nights.)

My favorite part of Christmas

The best part of Christmas tradition is telling the Christmas story and opening our Christmas letters. We used the What Does God want for Christmas manger scene but had everyone tell the story of their box instead of reading the poem. Opening the letters is always good.
Not only do we enjoy the words written to us by having our words read. If you’ve never written a letter to your family members letting them know how much they mean to you, it’s not too late. Don’t miss out on the blessing of expressing words of love. (Maybe make it a New Year’s tradition.)

The Gift of Presence

We didn’t have an endless supply of presents under the tree, but I count our richness not in those things. Presence beats presents. It’s the Emmanuel gift that God gave, and it’s the best gift we can give.

Looking Ahead

With the celebration of Christmas behind us, my mind is turned toward finishing up this year well and thinking about the year ahead. Finishing well and starting well are opportunities we have every day. But it’s this time of year that reflecting and dreaming are most fitting.

What were your Christmas favorites?

What did you like most about your Christmas?

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