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Mar 01 2017

5 Keys to Wake up Refreshed from a Nap

I felt exhausted. I needed sleep if I was going to make it through the rest of the day. I was home, and my kids were occupied. I had the freedom to enjoy a little kip. Sweet, right? But, I didn’t want to risk waking up feeling more tired. Waking up from a nap like that is …

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Feb 09 2017

Dear Tired Mom

Tired mom, you’re not alone. Find encouragement from a mom who was and is there with you.

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May 27 2016

Be your own cheerleader

The word for today is cheer. Be your own cheer leader Go. Running toward the finish line, the crowd cheered. Their shouts put energy into my body, as if they were helping me run as fast as I could. In a real way, they were helping me. The power of the cheerleader worked. But what …

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