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Thoughts stemmed from the Bible, good and bad examples of the "faithful" and observations in life.

Feb 22 2017

Do it Now! How to Fight Procrastination

Do it right now! “Do it now!” I say with a voice of a growing Hulk. And yes, the exclamation is there . . . in triplicate. Like the house is on fire. I see their procrastination, and it drives me bananas. “Why don’t you just do what you need to do, and then you can have fun,” …

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Feb 17 2017

From Weak to Strong (A Faith Lesson from Running)

“That was easy,” my son said with a smirk. I was too dizzy. We hadn’t jogged that far, but I was out of shape. Weak. Running taught me a lesson in faith.

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Feb 10 2017

The Only Way to be Safe

The only way to be safe is to position yourself under God.

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