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Thoughts stemmed from the Bible, good and bad examples of the "faithful" and observations in life.

Aug 18 2017

God, speak to my heart

Psalm 56:8

In a time of grief, God used his word to speak to my heart.

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Aug 12 2017

Do You Know How to Find Rest for Your Soul?

Questions that keep us up at night and burn in our hearts cause us to seek good answers. God gives us his answers, one that will give us rest for our souls.

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Jul 28 2017

What if our prayers really mattered?

As I think about prayer, and praying the truth, I get excited thinking about the impact prayer has in my world. After reading Dutch Sheets book on prayer, I started to ask myself, “What if my prayers really mattered?” In joining Five Minute Friday, here are my five minutes on inspire. What if our prayers …

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