Sep 03 2017

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We can’t love our neighbor without doing this

The Five-Minute Friday word for today is neighbor. Maybe it’s always been this way, under the surface, and we are just now taking a good, hard look at the state we’re in. It’s an animosity, an enmity between people. I see it in the news and on comments people make on social media and on blogs. It makes my heart ache to know that so many are hurting deep down to the root of their souls—a long-time hurt that can’t keep silent. I don’t say much because I’m unsure what to say. All the solutions out there look like a band-aid on a gaping wound. Band-aids—even big ones—don’t heal. They simply keep the injury covered while the real healing comes from within.

I came to Luke 10 and was reminded again of the Source of healing. Band-aids have their place, but healing needs something more.


This man wanted to justify himself, so he asked Jesus who was his neighbor.

The problem is not that we don’t know what we should do or how we should ask, although that may be true sometimes. The greater problem is that we have a wrestling match inside ourselves. We know a thing or two about life and what’s right, but the parts of our heart and soul that are missing keep us from living out what we know is right and good.

This man couldn’t get to doing what was right because he needed heart healing. Justifying never leads to anywhere because “just right” isn’t looking for instruction.

Loving your neighbor starts with a relationship with God because he is the Source for all that is right.


If we turned toward God and asked him to give us eyes to see ourselves and others the way he sees us, our eyes would be open to see all our neighbors in a new way. When we allow God to transform us, we’d have ears to hear his prompting us towards loving them. Then we could love from our wholeness not an empty hole inside us.

We can’t love our neighbor well without being connected to the Healer of our souls. For sure, the healing process will take a lifetime. But as we are transformed, we’re more able to speak words of life and to serve others, to ask for forgiveness—and to give it.


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  1. Christy

    You are so right Cheryl. Your words have touched me, but also leave me with the same questions I’ve struggled with for years. We all need heart healing. If we didn’t there would be no need for Christ. But what happens when those wounds aren’t allowed to heal and the scabs continue to be picked?

    What happens when we do love the Lord our God with everything we have and we attempt to love our neighbor as ourselves, but the other party won’t admit their struggle. When their arrogance builds a fortress that too high to scale, and when it’s fortified beyond even the reach of Jesus Christ?

    That is the ever burning question in my heart. And probably more than you were expecting from a little FMF post.
    Christy recently posted…Strangers and NeighborsMy Profile

    1. Cheryl

      You’re asking great questions. Some of the unhealed wounds in my life have been from being blinded to my need for healing. Others are from focusing on what someone else does or doesn’t do and giving myself permission to avoid dealing with my own brokenness. I had a mentor who kept me focused on addressing my own junk, and that helped me heal. Before then I didn’t realize how much I evaded my healing process. It takes a lot of work, time, and support to heal.

      We cannot carry the weight of what other people choose in their lives. When they don’t own their choices, our progress towards a healthy soul may create friction. But as we become healthy, our lives provide an opportunity for our neighbor to join us in the journey. We pray and live out the Gospel as best as we can and trust God to work in hearts.

      I read the autobiography of George Mueller and was challenged by his faithfulness to pray day after day after day. When it comes to our lives and the lives of others, prayer is your best sure answer to the struggle of healing and for strained relationships.

      Keep pressing toward God’s healing in your life. Thanks for giving me a lot to think about.

  2. Kelly Blackwell

    ” Band-aids—even big ones—don’t heal. They simply keep the injury covered while the real healing comes from within.”

    Eventually we have to allow that healing to happen from within. I pray daily for this country. I need to really expand it to this world. So much hurt. I don’t know how we all got this way, but we definitely need the Lord.

    Thanks for your post. God bless you this week and beyond.

    Visitor from FMF #68

    1. Cheryl

      I agree. We need to pray for this country and the world. The hurting need the healing only God can provide.

      Thank you for visiting.

  3. Janyre Tromp

    “Justifying never leads to anywhere because “just right” isn’t looking for instruction.” So true. When we’re focused on being right, we can’t possibly be available to help other people.

    1. Cheryl

      Yes, being “right” is a wall to helping.

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