Mar 29 2017

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How can I go to God with my weakness?


How can I go to God with my weakness?

I woke up late. That was extra not good because today was picture day. My children, for no particular reason, were dragging their feet. There’s no way we’re going to get out the door on time…Again. I pushed back my regular inner dialogue of self-shaming. I needed help. So I asked.

My husband rescued me. We got out the door. We were mostly on time. But the weak feelings lingered.

Every step of my day, from that point on, felt weak. I criticized my every move through that lens.

“If God shows his strength through my weakness, he’s on full display through me today,” I joked. But I was desperately trying to hide my struggle. Who likes to feel weak?

As I was listening to the DAB (many days behind), I heard Ps. 57:1.

Be gracious to me, O God, be gracious to me,
For my soul takes refuge in You;
And in the shadow of Your wings I will take refuge
Until destruction passes by. Psalm 57:1

In confidence, I take my weakness to God in prayer

Confidence in our prayers

When I look at 1 John 5:14, I’m reminded of how I can go to God with confidence as I align myself to his will.

Here is how Psalm 57:1 teaches me to pray.

Be gracious to me

Not only do I need God’s grace, I need to extend myself grace too. When I shift my thoughts about me to his thoughts about me, I better receive and recognize his grace. He has so much grace. His riches are generously given because of Christ.

I come to you, Lord. I need your grace in this moment.

My soul takes refuge in you

I forget that my soul needs a safe place. The world around, and my inner thoughts, give me plenty to battle with. I need a secure resting ground. That refuge is found in God. When my soul is calm, my mind and emotions find peace and clear direction too. God surrounds me with his wings, and I am safe there. Safe to be weak. Protected and provided for.

God, my heart aches when I fail. I feel dumb and slow and not up to the challenge. But in your safety, my weakness is not shameful. In you, I find your strength and provision. Instead of feeling dumb, I ask for your wisdom. In my slowness, help me rest in your timing. As I face being not enough, help me know you are enough.

Until the destruction passes

Whatever mess I’ve created. Whatever mess I’m dealing with that someone else caused. It will pass. When I go to God in prayer and rest in him, I have grace, provision, and protection enough.

Lord, help me to know you are my best first choice when I’m in need. When I come to you, I’m safe. I feel weak. I need what only you can provide. Amen.

Will you come to God in your weakness?

Should you ever feel week, God is your best first choice. Go to him in prayer.

Ask him for grace and peace for your soul. God is listening.

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