Oct 12 2013

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CAKE Writers: My Visit In Brobdingnag and A Conversation

CAKE Writers

Here are samples of our CAKE Academy writing from this week. BunBun's assignment is a continuation of writing based on Gulliver's Travels. She chose to visit a place mentioned in the book. Bear's writing Is a conversation with someone he's never met.

My Visit In Brobdingnag

by BunBun

When all the places Gulliver had visited were well known, an airport was established so other people could fly to those countries.

So I thought it would be exciting to go to Brobdingnag, where you would be the size of a Lego compared to them. I’d always imagined that one day I would shrink down unexpectedly and be forced to live in a tiny doll house, wearing doll clothes. What fun!

I saved up my money for the trip. (Which was one week in Brobdingnag under intense specialized care, so it was quite expensive.) Then I bought a ticket, packed my bags, went through airport security, and finally, boarded the plane.

The trip was exhilarating. The view from the windows was amazing, and there was always something to do, since there were touch screens in the back of the seats. Even the food was awesome! The onboard chefs made special cakes that looked like islands, and meat that looked like exotic animals.

When I arrived at my destination, I noticed a giant sitting on the ground beside the airport, waving a large flag that said, “Welcome, Newcomers! I am the guide for #166.”

I looked down at my ticket number. Yes! That was me. I felt lucky, for as I looked at all the other guides, mine looked like a mansion compared to a rundown hut. I ran over to my new guide as fast as I could to get away from the guides’ sharp looks.

“Hi, my name is Randy.” A voice boomed down to me.

I looked up quickly. To my relief, it was only my guide. But man, was he huge!

“Um, hi, my name is Autumn.” I timidly answered.

Then, with my permission, I climbed onto his hands and he walked us to my temporary home.

Randy walked up to the door and knocked three times. Bam! Bam! Bam! I doubled over in his hand, trying to not scream. I could tell by the way Randy was grimacing that his knocking was really loud even in giant standards.

The elderly woman now facing us, however, did not seem bothered.

“My Gram’s half deaf.” Randy whispered in my ear.

“Who’s half deaf? Me or her? Oh, and you can call me Gram” Gram said.

“ Seems to me she has acute hearing.” I whispered into Randy’s ear.

He smiled at me and said, “Maybe more like she just put her hearing aids in for visitors.”

Then Gram brought us inside, set up my house in Randy’s room, (Which was a copy of their house, except my size and it was sent in by the government.) then we all had milk and cookies in the kitchen.

For the rest of the week Randy and I talked, explored, and had tons of fun. But if I told you everything we did, it would fill up a book. So by the end of the week I was satisfied with my visit, although wanting more time.

Before I left I promised to come back in the summer again and to keep in touch.

And that sums up My Visit In Brobdingnag.

A Conversation

By Bear

me : What is your name?

him : Henry.

me : Nice name.

him : Thanks.

me : What is your favorite color?

him : Yellow.

me : Neat.

him : What do you like?

me : Legos/robots.

him : What are Legos?

me : Legos are vere populer and ther are a system of building. You can see what Legos are at Lego.com

him : Thanks.

me : No problem.



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