Aug 31 2013

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CAKE Writers: A short story and a poem

CAKE Writers

Here are samples of our CAKE Academy writing from this week. In BunBun's story, she needed to use vocabulary words. Bear's poem had to follow the pattern from another poem.

A Book Club Meeting

By BunBun

Not too long ago,there was a small book club, called “Friends’ Gathering”, where the members met in their clubhouse and talked about the books they had read. The members’ names were: John, Conner, Katie, Sarah, and Marie. Marie, was the leader of the book club, because she had such a large passion for books.

Marie was really good at being leader. She had keen hearing and eyesight, so she knew when someone wasn’t paying attention. She wasn’t afraid to tell the rest of the club that they were being tumultuous, or talking about unimportant, miscellany topics, such as candy.

But the rest of the group had their good points, too. John was known throughout the group as someone who could subdue all problems, and set things back where they belong.

Katie was popular because she was gifted at dilating, which means that she was a gifted speaker and writer.

Conner was the jokester in the group. he loved making everyone laugh, and often referred to the club as his “audience”.

But Sarah, she was special. It seemed as if she would sanctify everything if she could. Sarah believed all forms of life was sacred.

So, let's venture into the clubhouse again.

“Sarah! Do not bring that frog in here again!”

Uh-Oh. That sounds like Marie.

“Well, wouldn’t you save this poor frog’s life if you knew he was in danger?” Sarah quietly interposed in the midst of the confusion.

Marie’s became purple as she blew up in a fit of rage.

“HOW DARE YOU!” She screamed.

The clubhouse immediately grew silent.

Did I mention that Marie also has a huge temper? Maybe they should change their club name to: “The Gathering of Tempers.”, don’t you think?


Rainbow Robot

by Bear

Red robot

yellow robot

purple robot

rich rich me


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