Aug 20 2014

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Beginning the day at 6am, I stagger into the kids’ rooms. First to Bear, and then to BunBun. Time to get up. Time to run. The goal: a 5 minute warmup walk and 15 minutes of running at a reasonable pace. After our run, we do a few minutes of calisthenics. Three times a week for each student is the goal. Today is day three. Look at that happy BunBun face (above). Look at that fast Bear (right).

The happy face isn’t telling everything though. Fifteen minutes at six in the morning doesn’t feel happy for us. Mom (that’s me) is the reason we are up and out the door–sometimes they have made it clear that they would not be up if I didn’t make them. That happy pose is post run too. It’s always happier after a run. Two CAKE students succeeded today. We met our goal. It’s the first week, and we are adjusting to the mom/teacher imposed P.E.

Here are some perks of our early morning CAKE run:

  • It’s time together. On our first day, Bear and I had some “just us” time together.
  • Earlier gets the day started off right. I am not naturally an early riser, but I am learning that an earlier start makes the day go better.
  • This is meeting my goals for them and for me for exercise.

I don’t know what we will do when the weather turns colder or when it rains. We will have to take it one day at a time. We are figuring this regular exercise thing as we go along. Later in the year, we plan on joining the RUN Hard program again. We will adjust our schedule accordingly.




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  1. Janet

    Lovely lovely lovely that’s how you keep in shape to give it a try myself bye bye

    1. Cheryl

      Let’s hope we can keep it going. (I hope we can do it enough so the kids motivate me when I don’t feel like it.)

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