Feb 03 2017

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Breathe Deep, Breathe Slow

The Five Minute Friday word is breathe. Breathe was my one word for 2016.

My writing today came from a deep breathing exercise I did when I was feeling stressed and wanted to relax. Focused, slow breathing takes effort but is effective in reducing stress.


Breathe Deep, Breathe Slow


Sit up and relax your shoulders.

Breathe deep.









Breathe out.








Breathe slow.

Take time to know the rhythm of in and out.

Taking in the fresh air.

The good.

What your body needs,

right down to the single cell.

Breathe out the waste.

The things you don’t need.

What your body doesn’t need.

Making room for more of that goodness.

We breathe every day without thinking about it.

But when we take time to focus our breath,

to rest in the moment,

we allow for calm.

Life needs calm.

God’s design for in and out doesn’t just mean breathing.

It’s for our soul and mind too.

Take in what is good.

What our mind and spirit needs.


Two . . .

Remove the waste.

What your mind and spirit don’t need.

Negative thoughts.


The clutter of the brain and soul.

Get it out.

Breathe deep.

Breathe slow.

Live deep.

Live slow.


What are you breathing in for your mind and soul? What are you breathing out?

In times of sickness, our bodies force us to take stock of our physical needs and slow down. We know the signs of physical illness, but do we know the signs of mental and spiritual sickness? And if we recognize our need to take care of our mind and spirit, do we take stock and slow down?

I find it difficult to slow down, even when I know I need to make changes. However, I’d like to avoid sickness altogether by taking better care of my body, mind, and spirit.

Let’s learn from the rhythm of our breathing and breathe deep.

What is “oxygen” to your spirit? What can you remove to make room for more “oxygen”?

Share your story.

Are these words encouraging to you? Share.

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  1. Gayl

    Great post, Cheryl. We do need calm physically and spiritually. I think focusing on our breathing in and out helps us to do this.

    Blessings to you!

    1. Cheryl

      Thanks for your encouragements.

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