Sep 17 2014

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Book Review: A Grace Disguised by Jerry Sittser

A Grace Disguised by Jerry Sittser

A good friend of mine loaned me this book after my friend, Grace, died. She told me she had read the book, and that it helped her. Fresh with grief, I was willing to take any words of help. How in the world is someone to recover from the devastation of a sudden and unexpected death of a friend?

I opened the book and was immediately sucked into the message of the book. The author did not limit the content of the book to his specific story but broadened the scope to include all catastrophic loss. He weaved his own story and the stories of others. As he shared one story after another, I was able to find a home in his words. It was as if we were sitting down together talking over coffee, he, having the perspective of years, and I, still feeling numb with shock.

I was drawn in by his Realing. He didn’t pose as one who put his personal tragedy in the it-doesn’t-affect-me-now past. Rather, he made a life that simultaneously cherishes the life he had, aches for the life that can no longer be, and lives fully present with the life he has today.

It took me longer to read the book than I thought it would considering how well the author communicated. But, I am glad for the time to digest the counsel of the book. Grief, even when that grief is the loss of a beloved believer, is grievous for those who are left behind to ache the loss. This book has helped me walk in this journey and see other losses in a new light. (Not all loss is from the death of a loved one.)

Is A Grace Disguised for you?

Yes. Yes. Yes. But I’m not grieving over a catastrophic loss. A Grace Disguised is a friend to those who grieve and a tool for those who come alongsideĀ the grieving. I admit. I would passed on this book had the circumstances not been as they were. (Who reads about grief just because?) I already had a long list of books to read. The book would have been put into the someday pile. When my friend loaned it to me, I was keenly area of how inadequately I was prepared to face my friend’s funeral. In the journey of reading this book, I discovered other catastrophic losses I had never addressed. In this book, I have found some healing. I suspect you can too.

Here is one of my favorite quotes from the book:

I was assigned a role for which I did not audition. Yet I have the power to choose how I will live out that story and play that role. I want to live my story well and play my role with as much integrity and joy as I can.

The quote reminds me of my power to choose. I cannot prevent loss and grief, but I can choose how I will live out my story and the role I play in the story God has given.

Thank you, my dear friend, for loaning me the book.

If you are interested in getting a copy of the book, the links with the book title, A Grace Disguised, will take you to Amazon.


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