Aug 05 2013

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Book Review: Crazy Love by Francis Chan

Crazy Love Book

Crazy Love

I just finished reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan. I loved it–and I didn’t love it. It was easy to read–and it wasn’t easy to read.

The “loved it” and “easy to read” are part of the same package. The writing style is conversational, as if you were sitting down to coffee (or tea, I enjoy both). The voice of the author is compassionate. I wasn’t bogged down by lofty terminology. Comprehending the message was not difficult in any way. I agree with the message that God’s love for me is crazy (as in wildly more than is imaginable) and my love for him ought to be crazy (or it would seem crazy to an on-looking world that doesn’t accept God’s crazy love).

The “I didn’t love it” and “it wasn’t easy to read” is the same too. The book challenged me. The “didn’t love” is the part of me that wants to sit back in my easy chair and be a “nice” Christian. It’s not easy being challenged. There is a big part of me that resists the push of living a “crazy” life for him, and there is a part of me that knows I need to press past the comforts. I’ve done “crazy” things for God before, but the push must always be before me. The push is appropriate even though it’s hard.

Is Crazy Love for you?

Yes. If you are a new believer, it’s helpful in aligning with the truth of scripture about living a passionate life for God. If you have been a believer for a long time (like I have), it’s helpful in aligning (or re-aligning) to living passionately for God. If you are not a believer in Jesus but are curious, it’s helpful in understanding what living a life following Jesus is really like. Chapter 9: Who Really Lives That Way? is a must read, but it doesn’t make as much sense without all the preceding chapters.

The book has its own website: Crazy Love Book. This site is full of resources (including video clips) to further enhance the reading. Want a taste? Here is the intro to the book:

Have you read Crazy Love?

What are your thoughts about the book?



Note: I was given a free copy of this book from a member of my book club (Thanks) but think it’s worth the investment. My opinion is my own. Unlike a biased view of my kids (the best in the world), the review is my honest thoughts and reflections.

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  1. Josh N Tara Smith

    I love this book and am actually starting a study on it on my blog page at newlivingfaithonline.com I am SUPER EXCITED about it!

    1. Cheryl

      Awesome! How are you going to do it on your blog?

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