Jan 13 2018

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Blessed are those who have little: Declutter and find wealth

blessed are those who have little: declutter and find wealth Blessed are those who have little: Declutter and find wealth


When I lived overseas, one of the noticeable differences is less choice. Shopping had less to offer. And on a filled menu at the local restaurant, the waitress pointed to the two items available. I got used to it.

When I came home [to the US], I felt overwhelmed with the choices before me. I suffered from a serious case of decision fatigue. I felt nauseated looking at choice after choice. Having so much choice wasn’t better, but I adjusted.

This year, I choose “declutter” for my word for 2018. Why? Because simplifying my life allows me to find the wealth I already have.

Little choice meant an easier choice.

A little amount of stuff means more space, enjoying what I have and having more time because I have less to maintain.

Little on the calendar means more margin and sleep as well as more time with my family.

To simplify my life, in all areas, I need to declutter. As I progress with my goal to live this out, I know there is wealth awaiting.


What will you remove from your life so you can find wealth?

Wealth is not necessarily financial (although I found money when I decluttered my closet). When I feel poor (financially), I forget the wealth I have in the areas of life that truly matter.

What will you gain when it’s gone?

When I think of getting rid of some of my stuff, I feel an old part of me that wonders if I regret my choice. But as I think about the gain, I have a greater resolve.

Make a plan and take a step

If there is clutter in your life, start by writing down what area you want to purge. Writing it down will help clarify your choice. Then write down your why (it’s what you’ll gain). Then make a decision to take one specific step.

I’d love to hear what you decided and what you did.

Five Minute Friday

I’m joining my Five Minute Friday friends with the word simplify. My five minutes are between the // marks.

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  1. Gloria Phifer

    Thank you, I have been thinking a lot about decluttering…I went through some clothes lately and then I decided to wear a couple of them. I need to see it as gaining…not losing. God bless…Gloria.

  2. Sharon O

    My word this year is simplify so it fits very well with this Friday word.
    The goal is by the end of this year I will have gone through most of all of our home and purged and cleaned so the new year will begin fresh and clean. We are retired so it shouldn’t be a hard job it is just going to take effort and determination.

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