Mar 26 2014

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Becoming Myself Chapter 8 Reflections

Chapter 8 Reflections

My small group read the book the book, Becoming Myself by Stasi Eldredge. Here are 5 thoughts from the chapter:

  1. “As followers of Christ, we are not called by God to live a life where safety is the highest goal. Nor is comfort.” (Wow. That’s a reality check for when my sense of safety and comfort is my highest goal. I don’t think about these often unless they are threatened. When they are, I want to circle the wagons, but that is not necessarily what a God wants me to do. Relationships aren’t guarantees for either safety or comfort. Risk. Sometimes risky is the direction God is leading.)
  2. Good, healthy friendships are tastes of heaven as we get a little glimpse of how God loves and accepts us. I have found this to be true for me. My close friends do feel like a taste of heaven, and I am so thankful for my friends.
  3. Friendships aren’t going to last a lifetime, necessarily. Some friendships are just for a season of life–being overly loyal, this is hard for me to accept, but I know it is true. The biggest gift I can give a friend is the freedom to let her move forward into other good relationships with my blessing. I have some dear, dear friends that are no longer in my current circle of friendships. In reality, they are part of good friendship memories but not my friendships now. Nothing went wrong, it’s that the season has past. And should we get a moment to meet again, I imagine it will be enjoyable. Letting go is hard, and yet, I know I cannot possibly keep all my relationships I have ever had healthy and thriving and maintain my other responsibilities.
  4. Friendships aren’t intended to fully satisfy or fill us, unless that friendship is with Jesus. Friendship with Jesus first allows for satisfying relationships with others.
  5. Honesty isn’t permission to dump every negativity on another person. Wisdom is needed in what is shared. God is the only one who needs to hear it all. Thankfully, He is always available for the all-of-it conversation.

What gems did you find in chapter eight?

If you are joining me, let me know in the comments section. In two weeks, be ready to write your thoughts on Chapter Nine: beauty forged in suffering. (This is a great opportunity to catch up if you’re behind.) Chapter Nine is all about the reality of suffering in our life. Have you ever suffered and wondered how that fit with God’s love? This chapter provides some perspective as it relates to suffering.

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