Mar 05 2014

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Becoming Myself Chapter 5 Reflections

becoming myself ch 5

Chapter 5 Reflections

My small group read the book the book, Becoming Myself by Stasi Eldredge. Here are 5 thoughts from the chapter:

  1. “Mothers need to be invited in. But first, mothers have to let go.” As a mom, I know this will be very difficult as my children become adults.
  2. “We are loved, wanted, seen, delighted in, provided for, cherished, chosen, known, and planned on.” I need to place these words forever before me. I so easily believe the opposite. If I kept these truths before me, I know my life would change.
  3. I was a gift to my mom. That thought never occurred to me–that I was a gift to her. I know how that works for me, as a mom, but to see that as a daughter is profound. My mom needed me to be in her life as much I needed her.
  4. “Too often we have diminished our mothers…” I want to take in and see all that my mom was to me. She did have a weighty role in my life. And, as many do, I have never taken the time to step back and take in the powerful role she had (and does have) in my life.
  5. I grew up thinking that my unmet desires were going to be left unmet and responded by trying to not desire. (That didn’t and doesn’t work very well.) But, I can now see how God intends for me to go to Him in all the areas of my desire–especially in the areas I needed His truth about my identity and self-worth. No parent is perfect except God. He is the ultimate voice to the truth of who I am and of my value.

What gems did you find in chapter five?

If you are joining me, let me know in the comments section. Next week, be ready to write your thoughts on Chapter Six: from accepting to embracing. Chapter Six touches on the place of desire in our lives as well as embracing who we are.

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